Ritz Safety Outfitters - Corporate Clothing Purchase Program

Outfitters is a Work Wear and PPE Program built around your unique needs.

Customers choose Outfitters because we help:

Keep it Simple

  • Dedicated account manager to handle current needs, and help anticipate future needs
  • A company portal available 24/7, even on mobile
  • Consolidated invoicing means never digging through piles of paper

Customize for you

  • Catalog based on your specific requirements
  • Uniform embroidery options with your company logo
  • Real-time reports available 24/7

Get it when you need it

  • Quick order fulfillment
  • Large inventory of stocked products
  • Wide selection of brands at multiple price points

We've built solutions for customers in these industries:

  • Electric utility
  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction trades
  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Chemical processing and industrial gas
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Brands We Carry

Brands we carry - FR Carhartt, Drifire, Bulwark FR, Wrangler FR, Nasco, National Safety Apparel, Walls FR, Carhartt Footwear, Dragonwear, ERB, Workrite, Ariat, Ergodyne
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But don't just take our word for it! Here's what our customers have to say:

“Obtaining high-quality, comfortable, polished uniforms at exceptional prices for forty employees of varying sizes can be quite ‘challenging,’ to say the least. The quality of uniforms heavily contributes to our employees going home to their families every day. Slate Rock's staff understand that and are all professional, super-friendly, and extremely knowledgeable of their products, and always looking forward to offer us a greater variety of the special types of garments that our employees are required to wear. They do all the hard work for me, and I love that!”
Cecilia S. Engineering & Operations Administrative Assistant
“For electric utility workers today, compliance can be complex and confusing at times. Utilizing FRSafety.com's Outfitters Program takes the whole guessing game out of it for your employees. By creating a custom employee catalog, with only clothing that meets your specific requirements, ensures compliance and ultimately the safety of your fellow workers. If you want to take your safety program to the next level, implementing an Outfitters Program is a no-brainer.”
Jordan H. Safety Adviser at Safety Management Group
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